Harvest festival Lughnasadh

With the Harvest festival Lughsanadh we celebrate the time of the grain harvest. Traditionally it’s a time of abundance and big feasts, gratefulness towards the land and Mother Earth. The harvest also heralds the Grain God’s sacrifice to sustain the continuity of life.

Within ourselves this is the time to look at our own harvests, of our plans and projects, and if those plans need something extra to make it a more abundant harvest. It’s a time to be grateful for everything that’s been given to us. It’s also a time to look at what sacrifices we need to make ourselves.


At Het Nevelnest we celebrate the Harvest festival Lughnasadh in the form of a ritual. We use this form, because ritual helps us to consciously dwell on and give attention to what is important in our lives. With this ritual we celebrate the abundance and give gratitude to the Grain God and Mother Earth.

This celebration will be held online through Zoom, in English. This way we can meet from anywhere in the world and covid-proof.

Next to this online celebration we also hold a celebration at our home for people who are in the opportunity to travel there. This celebration will be held in Dutch and the number of participants will be limited. Click here for more information.


Do you want to connect with nature, the season, the abundance manifesting itself all around us now, together with like-minded people, come and join one or both of our Harvest festival Lughnasadh celebrations.


  • Date: Saturday July 31st
  • Time: 14:00-16:00 CET, Zoom room open from 13:45
  • Location: online, via Zoom
  • Needed: computer with webcam and microphone
  • Contribution: € 15,-
  • Registration open until (and including) July 29th


  • Welcome
  • Instructions
  • Ritual celebration
  • Chat while enjoying a drink and a snack

No experience yet with paganism or ritual? No problem! We'll give you all the information, instructions and guidance you need to participate fully.


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